Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In

Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In Twin Hi-Way Drive In vs Sheets! Drive ins are a piece of Americano that is fading fast! Dont take the drive in away! Push like to try to save it!


I just spotted this on the Twin Hi-Way Drive In page:

It is with a heavy heart that I have been given this message to post for the all the great people who have been sending me messages and asking me questions about what is happening with the drive in this year! Thank You all for visiting the webpage frequently and letting me know when there was something wrong with the web page or anything else that needed to be directed to the owners! :(

It is with great sadness that we make this final post. Due to many circumstances far far beyond our control, the Twin Hi-Way Drive In has closed its doors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff both past and present for their dedication and hard work in helping to make us a great family entertainment establishment. We would also like to thank you our patrons for making us your family destination for the last nine years. None of this would have been possible without our loyal patrons and staff. We encourage you not to let the drive in experience die. Please try to frequent the drive in establishments in your local area to support them and keep the tradition of family entertainment alive. The ones we know of that are still operating in this area are The Dependable in Moon Towship and the Wintersville in Wintersville Ohio. And so finally, without further ado; let your emotions take you for this final ride at the home of two major motion pictures, the drive in voted best of the Burgh by Pittsburgh Magazine; Your Outdoor Showplace of Pittsburgh Twin Hi-Way Drive In! Thank You!

John Henry

John Henry


Okay everyone, here is the basic conclusion to what I know. I was hesitant to answer any questions that have been posted about historical landmarks and gofundme. Historical status has to be approved by the owner/owners of the land and we all know he/she/they are the ones selling it now for a fact, and he/she/they are not going to approve the status going through if they want to sell it! I also know that even if a gofundme was started, if every person that signed the petition contributed $20.00 that would only be $78,000. Which I am sure is not enough to outbid Sheetz and whatever company they are hiding behind! So, unless by some chance there is a miracle, such as; The Pirates, The Steelers, The Penguins, a hometown or any celebrity, Hollywood(the film companies) or someone with the money to outbid Sheetz and wants to keep the drive in; comes forward and does this, we have lost! The everyday American Voice to keep a iconic, historic, nostalgic American family experience going, has been ignored because we are not rich enough to be heard! ****Continue to sign the petition:, maybe it will get to someone who is willing to help us all in this endeavor!

We got a little over 3000 signatures! We're so grateful! But I think we can do better than that! Get the word out there!...
petition: Save The Twin Hi-Way Drive-In Theater

We got a little over 3000 signatures! We're so grateful! But I think we can do better than that! Get the word out there! Share with family and friends! With everyone's help, maybe we can save this amazing, vanishing piece of Americano! Let your voice be heard! Let's get those 5,000 signatures!!! #savetwinhiwaydrivein

Tell you're family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and share the post! We can do it!

Drive-Ins are a fading part of American culture and there are not many left to begin with. If Twin...


This post is to try and save The Twin Hi-Way Drive In, please be respectful and state opinions and facts ONLY! No accusations, name calling, swearing or nasty remarks! :)


Twin Hi-Way Drive In vs Sheets!

Don't take away the drive in! With so few left in the United States, it deserves to stay! It's a family oriented place to have fun and enjoy the night out! Drive ins are a piece of Americano that is fading fast, push the like button in hopes that this will help Save the Drive In!

Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In's cover photo

Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In's cover photo

Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In

Save Twin Hi-Way Drive-In


5588 Steubenville Pike
McKees Rocks, PA


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