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An exciting, interactive and creative club at Sonora! Every year the club produces a short film and then hosts a movie premiere to present it to Sonora. This is your chance to write, direct or act in films that are seen by your friends at Sonora!


Because Film Club will be making a documentary-style short video for Food Drive, I would like to have some people to bring their cameras with them, it would be great if you guys could come early and help, thank you!

P.S. Albertson thing starts at 4:30 am !


Alright, so here is the plan :) I will be at Sonora High School around 5 am, because according to ASB officers, its a first come first serve policy, and I'll make it as early as possible to get the boxes and families for our group. I will try to get multiple families, since we might have too many people for just one family, but I don't really know how it will go. Anyways the door will be open around 5:30 am, and I will post further details about the Albertsons thing, if you are still confused, come at 5 am, so you can know more detailed information, seee u guys there!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remember to say something thankful for the ones you love!


Who will be showing up for filming tomorrow at 3pm? Are all the props and cast members ready to the film the school scene? Do we have a script?


Eli Rico.. I got your message. Thanks. Now, pass it on to the cast and crew.


Tomorrow Film Club Friday! meeting tomorrow at lunch, art department! We will be discussing Sonora news and the upcoming production horror possibly slight romance comedy for Halloween, including roles and storyline! Hope to see you guys all there!


Could someone type up a brief synopsis of the film that will be casting for in the upcoming weeks. I talked to Joesph briefly, but had to cut our conversation short because I had to get ready for a brief meeting. A horror flick would be interesting.. Check out Sonora's home page of a video Christian Payne created... we have the software to allow for CGI.. Really excited to see where the direction. Keep up the energy and enthusiasm! You guys are great.


Hey Film Club members! Tomorrow we will be discussing roles and ideas for the next production starting from this Friday, anyone that wants to participate in the next production is welcomed! Hope to see you all tomorrow at lunch at the Art Department. Thanks!


There will be a meeting at the Art Department during lunch tomorrow. You don't have to be a member to come, everyone is welcome!


Sonora Film Club will be having their second meeting, which is also the first meeting after the Club Rush. I hope that the people that signed in during the Club Rush could attend to every Friday Meeting this week. If you seen the "ACES" and wonder how to make vlogging and short comedy videos on YouTube, you should definitely join. It is never too late to join. Hope to see you all in the ART DEPARTMENT this Friday at LUNCH for the meeting !


Tomorrow's Film Club meeting will be canceled, due to having a club rush today at lunch. The club rush was a success, over 70+ people signed in for the club today. Thanks to everyone's help and cooperation. And I also hope everyone that signed in for the club today will show up at the next meeting 9/13/13, which is next Friday. (Hope everyone could share this status to notice everyone) - Joseph Tien, President


Board Members must come to the table to help advertise for Film Club at the annual Club Rush. If you have class 5th period, please ask 10 minutes early to leave in order to help out. We will have a section at the Club Rush. Remember is during lunch tomorrow! Thank You!


There will be a section for Film Club at the Club Rush this THURSDAY at LUNCH! Make sure to come over and bring your friends to see the projects we have done recently. Also some examples of videos we will be doing this year. There will be candies given out, so why not swing by and check it out? :D


Calling all film clubbers! We need to spice-up student life at Sonora High School... especially from seniors! It's the last year of your high school career. You can always go on to college; earn a degree or two; and then make lots of money! But, you can NEVER repeat the last year in high school. How will the class of 2014 leave their mark for Sonora High? The class of 2013 left Sonora with A.C.E.S! What will the class of 2014 leave?


How did the football team do on Friday?

Alright Sonora Film Club.... Just an FYI. Last year The Orange County Fair hosted the first annual student film contest....
Barbara Thompson talks about the student film festival at this year’s Orange County Fair |...

Alright Sonora Film Club.... Just an FYI. Last year The Orange County Fair hosted the first annual student film contest. A teacher at Orange High School for the Arts, and Sonora's Film Club Advisor (Mr. Nguyen), collaborated with the Visual Arts Coordinator, Ms. Barbara Thompson, to develop the film genre and criteria. I hope you guys are pumped because.... I want Sonora's Film Club and Digital Media Academy to steal a piece of the show. Are you guys ready to set the bar for student filming making? I will be by your side every second, minute, and hour of the day to make it happen... Are you guys up for the challenge??? Here is the article..

HomeOn and About CampusBarbara Thompson talks about the student film festival at this year’s Orange County FairOn and About CampusAugust 31, 2013Naomi LaeuchliBarbara Thompson talks about the student film festival at this year’s Orange County FairEvent Coordinator Barbara Thompson discusses the inte...


How was the first Film Club meeting for this year? Give some comments below. :)


Sonora Film Club will have a meeting at the Art Department during lunch at this Friday. Bring as much people as you can, especially the ones that are considering of running for position (everyone could run for position they desire). The voters are vital for you. Other then that, free Costco Pizza will be giving out during that meeting and presentation. Be at the Art Department as fast as possible, because the pizzas are limited. Hope all of you could come and be part of the new Sonora Film Production!


Hi everyone, Sonora Film Club is looking for board members such as Vice Presidents, Secretory, Treasury, etc. This will be a great chance to let your college application outshine others. If you are interested in Youtube videos such as WongFu Productions, KevJumba, Nigahiga, gamespot, or just simple filming. This club is for you. Film Festival is held annually every May, a great way to remember your high school years. This whole process can include game reviews, vlogging, short episode, and music video. Everyone is welcome. And please anyone that is interested in being a board member please let me know. Thank you!


Dear Film Club Members:

I have a really important news announcement to make…. This will mark a fun and challenging year for us as I will only be teaching at Sonora for Periods 1-3, and Troy for periods 5th and 6th. As the they all say in show business… "The show must go on!" I will not be on campus during lunch this year as the hour conflicts with the time I have to be at Troy High School. We have to plan for the 4th Film Festival this year now...

I am very lost with emotions right now, as the time I connect with all of you at lunch will not be an option for me this school year. I want to hear your thoughts on this one… If the Film Club would like to meet after school one day a week or on a Saturday I will make time for the club. I want to keep the club alive as all of you have put in so much time and effort to make this club a success.

Please share by posting your thoughts and creative ideas on keeping this club going...


Dear everyone,

I am extremely honored to take on the future of Sonora Film Club. David Feinzimer has shown great leadership and dedication to SOHS and Film Club. He is the creator of this club. As class of 2013 leaves on to their better lives; we take on their legendary trip to a greater future.

I hope that me, President of Sonora Film Club, would do the best I could to show my love towards filming and directing. And I also hope that everyone of this club's member would do their best to support me in every way they could. Thank You David, I am truly grateful and honored. And thanks to everyone that would be part of this extraordinary club in the future or the present. THANK YOU!

From :
Joseph Tien - Class of 2014


Three school years ago I founded Sonora Film Club. This past Thursday I and the people I started the club with graduated from Sonora High School. It is time to pass the leadership onto the next class of Sonora students. With this I leave Joseph Tien as the new president of the Sonora Film Club. It has been great seeing my dream come to life these past few years and I'm excited to see the future of the club.

-David Feinzimer

To watch this year's film A.C.E.S. click here:

To watch a montage of everything the club has created so far click here:

To view all of the videos the club has created so far, visit our YouTube channel here:

A.C.E.S. Trailer

A.C.E.S. Trailer

Sonora Film Club's third feature film premiering June 7th 2013 at the Sonora Film Festival.


Do you have photos or video clips from the March Olympics/Dodgeball Tournament? Email the files or send us a link at [email protected]. If you have a story or event you'd like us to cover/announce please email us at the same address tonight!

Sonora News Season 1 Episode 3

Here is episode three of the Sonora news for the month of March 2013.

Sonora News March 2013 Featuring: Daniel Rodriguez Lauren Nowicki Angie Hwang Ish Vashishtha Gigi Gradillas Anthony Martinez


Attention all Sonora students! Tomorrow is the day we begin casting for our new movie. Our first round of auditions will be held tomorrow (Friday February 15) in the Art Department starting at 3 pm. There are no requirements and we have plenty of rolls to fill so if you love acting, come audition!


Attention all Sonora students! We are now casting for our new movie. Our first round of auditions will be held this Friday (February 15) in the Art Department starting at 3 pm. There are no requirements and we have plenty of rolls to fill so if you love acting, come audition! We'd prefer you to sign up ahead of time but this is not required. The sign up sheet is posted inside of the Art Department next to the main door that opens into the commons. We'll see you there!


Attention Sonora Film Club members! We are taking our club yearbook picture tomorrow at BREAK on the stairs of the 900's building. Don't forget to wear your film club shirt.

Due to other club pictures being taken tomorrow during LUNCH, our meeting for this week is canceled.
We'll be back to normal in two weeks on February 1.
There is no school next friday.

Don't forget about the video contest. Here are the rules:
1. At some point in your video you MUST show chopsticks, water or some liquid going down a drain, and fast food.
2. Your entry can be as long or as short as you like.
3. Upload your entry to YouTube and email a link to the video to [email protected] by January 30. The winner will be chosen at our regular weekly meeting on February 1st.


Attention film club members, tomorrow's meeting is cancelled. We'll be back to normal next Friday!

Sonora News Season 1 Episode 1

Were excited to present the very first Sonora News episode!

Sonora News December 2012 Featuring: Megan Lee Lauren Nowicki Daniel Rodriguez Anthony Martinez Gigi Gradillas


Thank you to all of those who came to our premiere of Syncope! We'll see you next year! :)


401 S Palm St
La Habra, CA

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-The club meets weekly on Fridays during lunch in the Sonora Art Department. -We welcome anyone who is interested in filmmaking, writing or acting to join. This is the club for you!


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