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Folks, don't get your hopes up but I just had a response from the Lorton Workhouse to my request for open captions at their new drive-in movies. They said that they have had such a positive response to their announcement of offering drive-in movies, that they may continue into October, and they are investigating the possibility of having an open caption night. Hopefully will have a more firm answer for me by the end of next week.


Do you miss movie theaters? Do you plan to return to movie theaters when they are open again?


Folks, we wish this post was an announcement of the return of open captioned movies in NoVA. It is not. However, on Friday we received notification that the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center is launching drive-in movies. These movies are likely to be older films that have no open captions. However, we have sent an email to the Lorton Workhouse to ask if they can offer open captions when newer movies come out.

In addition, the Family Drive-In theater in Stephens City, VA - the closest drive-in theater to Northern Virginia at this time - has confirmed that while they are not currently offering open captioned screenings due to the movies being old, they will resume offering open captions on Sunday nights when new films come out.

Finally, we have heard that there may be a new drive-in set up in Leesburg, VA. No other details are available at this time.


No open caption movies in NoVA for awhile. However, the University Mall and Cinema Arts theatres are selling their popcorn and other menu items as take-out. You can call ahead to order the items. Plus, they are also selling gift cards. Links to the University Mall posting and Cinema Arts posting are in the comments. Let's support them as thanks for their dedication to open captions since 2018!


Just received this email from the Angelika Mosaic and reposting it here in its entirety.

Angelika Film Center has been closely monitoring the dynamic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. First and foremost, the health and well-being of our valued guests and employees has always been our top priority, and we will continue to act thoughtfully, despite the uncertainty COVID-19 is bringing to our communities and daily lives.

Our theatre teams are taking guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local authorities as we navigate this ongoing situation. For now, we are continuing to operate our movie theatres, but with new and enhanced procedures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to help promote wellness in our theatres:

• We have increased the frequency and extent of cleaning and sanitization practices throughout our theatres to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

• We are taking steps to reduce the seat occupancy in our auditoriums to create distancing, as many health organizations have encouraged social distancing. We are working to reduce our on-sale seat count by 50% or more, both on our websites/mobile apps and at the theatre box office. While we encourage maintaining social distance in our auditoriums, we will not prevent families and friends from electing to sit next to each other.

• At the moment, we intend to continue to honor our Free Drink Refill and Endless Popcorn programs (where applicable), but will provide a new cup/lid and popcorn bag when you are ready for a refill. We also urge guests not to reuse your cup/lid at our self-service soda machines. Our service associates are happy to assist in providing new cups/lids to guests who need them.

• We are encouraging our guests to use credit cards in theatre and to buy tickets online in advance to reduce the need to handle cash. We have a convenient app to facilitate these cashless transactions.

• If the major studios determine to postpone the release of certain movies, we will be providing refunds. Information about how to get a refund is available on our websites.

• We have instructed our theatre team members to stay home if they are not feeling well.

The first line of defense starts with you, our valued guests. If you are feeling ill, we encourage you to stay home or seek appropriate medical assistance. We are telling our service associates and managers to do the same.

As we learn more about this virus, we are prepared to further modify operations on a theatre-by-theatre basis to ensure the health and well-being of our guests and theatre teams. In addition, we are prepared to close theatres, if we feel it is in the best interest of our guests and employees and/or if required by our governmental authorities. If we close our theatres, we will provide you with as much advance notice as possible.

We want to thank you for your continued support of Angelika Film Center, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate this evolving situation. We will do all we can to ensure the health and well-being of you, your family and our community.

Thank you,
Angelika Film Center


Folks, it looks like an open captioned screening of Onward today (Sunday) is so far outselling the non-captioned screenings. As of 11:19 pm Saturday (before daylight savings time started), the open caption screening at 3:30 pm had already sold 8 tickets. The non-captioned screening at 2:00 pm had sold 2, and the non-captioned screening at 4:30 pm had sold none.


Folks, just got off the phone with Angelika Mosaic. They will have an open caption film at 3 pm on Sunday. The title is probably "The Assistant." Unfortunately the relay conversation was closed and the history wiped out so can't double-check which film. It is not posted on their website yet and the management has to contact their IT department to fix things.

And just got off the phone with AMC Hoffman. They will have Birds of Prey open caption on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 pm. They said the website will be updated within an hour.


Late additions: Just got an email from Hoffman. They are going to offer a 2:15 open caption for "Like a Boss" tomorrow, and a 2:15 open caption for Underwater on Monday (which is a holiday). They tried but could not get the other 2 which had been requested.

The Daily Moth

Daily Moth on the Virginia bill.

Deaf activists in Virginia pushing for movie theater open captioning bill

IMPORTANT NEWS!Virginia now has a bill for open captions in movie theaters! Virginia senator George Barker introduced hi...
Virginia SB274 | 2020 | Regular Session

Virginia now has a bill for open captions in movie theaters! Virginia senator George Barker introduced his version, SB 274. Delegate Vivian Watts introduced HB 747

If you live in Virginia, please sign the petition at!
If you know someone who lives in Virginia, tell them about the bill asap!

We do not have much time to get this bill passed! The Virginia legislative session is January 8 to March 5!

Contact your state Delegate and state Senator to ask them to sponsor (support) this bill! If you do not know who your state Delegate and state Senator are, follow these steps:
1. Find your legislator: go to
a. Enter your address or use the map
2. Results will come up
a. The first two are what you want: State Delegate and State Senator
3. Select the Email link to send an email
a. In the email, say that you live in (your town) in Virginia, that you are deaf or a hearing ally, and that you want them to support HB747in the Virginia House or SB274 in the Virginia Senate

Summary (2020-01-03) Motion picture theaters; required open-captioned showings. [Referred to Committee on Education and Health]


Just found out that Facebook has added the ability for you to invite your friends to like this page! Here's what you do:
1. On the left side of this page, there is a link to "Community."
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We need more people in Northern Virginia to like this page so that the attendance at open captioned movies will grow. Growth is important for getting the four committed theaters that we have, to continue.


Folks, if you're expecting Regal Potomac Yard to offer an open captioned movie this weekend, it's not going to happen. Last weekend's open captioned Star Wars at Regal Potomac Yard was just a substitute for DC Gallery Place; Regal has no intention of permanently offering open captioned movies at Regal Potomac Yard.

In comparison, AMC Hoffman in Alexandria is very committed, the Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax is committed, University Mall and Cinema Arts in Fairfax are committed.

Just put together the list to send to AMC Hoffman for January. All of these are wide releases, so even if a couple are n...
New Movies, Theaters Near You, Movie Tickets, Showtimes, Movie Trailers, Movies in Theaters

Just put together the list to send to AMC Hoffman for January. All of these are wide releases, so even if a couple are not yet showing on the "Coming soon" page for AMC Hoffman, chances are good they will get them. Also, here is the link to AMC Hoffman's "Coming Soon" page; if you see something there you want that is not on this list, post a comment and we will add it to the request list.

January 4-5 The Grudge, Just Mercy
January 11-12 Like a Boss, Underwater
January 18-19 Dolittle, Bad Boys for Life
January 25-26 The Gentlemen, The Turning, Run

(The Turning and Run are not on the Coming Soon page but are listed as wide releases on the box office release schedule)


Folks, another Star Wars option! AMC Hoffman has just posted Star Wars for 1:25 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


Great news!! JUST got word from Regal that the Potomac Yard theater will ALSO have Star Wars open captioned on Friday at 2pm AND on Saturday at 2 pm!


Are you hearing and do you refuse to watch videos without captions? If so, you should be demanding open captions in movie theaters!

Hey folks, University Mall has a holiday wish: 6,000 likes on their page! If you have ever enjoyed an inexpensive family...

Hey folks, University Mall has a holiday wish: 6,000 likes on their page! If you have ever enjoyed an inexpensive family friendly open captioned movie there, could you help them get their wish by liking and sharing their page?

Hey Folks - We're almost at 6,000 "LIKES" on Facebook!!! Can we make it by Christmas???

Exciting news! Got word that there will be an open caption Star Wars on December 19th (that's Thursday) at 8:20 pm at th...

Exciting news! Got word that there will be an open caption Star Wars on December 19th (that's Thursday) at 8:20 pm at the Regal Potomac Yard! We did not set this up; Regal did it themselves as a substitute for Gallery Place (can't do it there that night)!


Just had a response from AMC Hoffman. Despite trying, they could not get a "prime time" screening of Frozen 2 for Saturday but they got the next best thing - a 5:20 pm screening! and on Sunday, a 2:50 pm screening of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Neither is posted yet on AMC Hoffman's website, but watch for them to appear.


After what happened last weekend with nothing being shown OC, asking Hoffman if we can have a prime time screening of Frozen 2 this Saturday night, along with another screening on Sunday afternoon of Beautiful Day. No promises, but will post an update when they respond.


**** PERMANENT POST ******

Here are the listings for the weekend of February 22-23. Check back frequently because this will be updated as theaters post their offerings on their websites.

AMC Hoffman
Saturday, February 22
The Call of the Wild
12:00 pm

Sunday, February 23
The Call of the Wild
1:45 pm

Angelika Mosaic
Sunday, February 23
Ordinary Love
2:30 pm (on Angelika Mosaic website. Not displaying on Fandango)

University Mall
Sunday, February 23

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: 4:00 PM
Spies in Disguise: 4:40 PM
Frozen 2: 5:00 PM

Folks,UPDATE: AMC Hoffman responded to email at almost 11:00 pm last night. They have added one OC screening of "A Beaut...
Sign the Petition


UPDATE: AMC Hoffman responded to email at almost 11:00 pm last night. They have added one OC screening of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" on Sunday. That's great that they are so responsive after we email....BUT....the point is...we should NOT have to be sending emails just to get a screening that had been previously requested! Part of the problem that we are dealing with, is that Hoffman keeps scheduling the non-OC screenings first, and then adding in the OC. It doesn't matter how many times we explain that OC should be scheduled at the same time; this is their method of operation and we have to deal with it. The problem for us is that their method of operation creates stress for us when something like this happens. We need a law for the state of Virginia.

You may have noticed that this weekend, there is only ONE open captioned movie at AMC Hoffman. They have a new general manager. General managers keep changing and no wonder; the pay they receive is low compared to how much work they do! The current GM seems less supportive and less aware of open captions.

We're sick and tired of this. This is maybe the fourth general manager we've had to deal with since AMC Hoffman started offering open captions Every time there's a new General Manager at a theater, there's always the risk of a reduction in open captioned offerings. So far we have been lucky with Mosaic but even Mosaic had had some changes of general managers.

This is why we need a law for open captions in Virginia. To make a minimum number of open captioned screenings mandatory so no matter what happens with theater management, our choice of open captions would be protected. Then our choice would not be subject to the whims of whomever is currently the general manager of a theater.

Once again, this is the petition for open captions in movie theaters: Every signature counts when demonstrating that the demand and support for open captions exists.

Movie Theaters - Open Captions (Subtitles) Are for Everyone!


Update 2: No further response from Hoffman.

Update: Hoffman responded positively. Continue to stand by.

Folks, talking to amc Hoffman to see about pre sales for frozen 2 and star wars. Stand by.


Folks, if you want to see this weekend's surprise #1 hit, "Midway," you will have to go to Cinema Arts Theatre today (Sunday, November 10) for the 4:15 pm open caption screening of "Midway." Once in a while there are surprise hits like "Midway." It was not expected to do this well! This is the advantage of having a theater like the Cinema Arts willing to show as many movies as possible with open captions regularly.

Release Schedule

Just emailed AMC Hoffman the December requests. Here is the list sent:
December 7-8 Little Joe, Midnight Family
December 14-15 Jumanji the Next Level, Black Christmas, Richard Jewell December 21-22 Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (2 - 1 on Sat, 1 on Sun)
December 28-29 Little Women, Spies in Disguise, 1917

If there is anything else you want, post it in the comments. It is not too late to make an additional request. The release schedule for December is here:

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Welcome to Northern Virginia Open Captioned Movies. We will share information here about scheduled open captioned movie screenings, polls, and news about new theaters offering open captioned movies in Northern Virginia. Open captions are similar to subtitles, with the words right there on the screen. No special equipment is needed, making it a more comfortable viewing experience and enabling enjoyment of the film from any seat in the theater. If you are learning English as a second language, are a senior citizen or a veteran with minor hearing loss, a child learning to read, have autism, learning disabilities, or attention challenges, open captions may help you. Maybe you have no hearing loss but captions help you understand in a noisy theater or when an actor has an accent. Or, like many people do, maybe you just plain like open captions (like the subtitles on Netflix).

This page started May 27, 2018.

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St. Stephen's United Methodist Church wanted to let everyone know we have online services featuring #ASL that can be found at
How and where do I check for open captions for Little Women?
Hello friends... a question was raised about what's it like to watch an OC movie in 3D? Yes, we've always seen OCs in 2D, but what does it really look like when you watch a 3D movie in OC with those special glasses?? I tried to find some answers in YouTube but found nothing of it. Can you share any experiences or tips?
In preparation for the Star Wars movie... the Smithsonian Air Space Museum IMAX has OCs only on Sunday, Dec 22nd, which I cant make it. Hopefully there will be one or two OC's in NOVA during a weekday? I may dress up as a Star Wars character... (shh, I'm not telling). Most importantly, need clarification in advance from any movie theater allows you to bring light sabers, but definitely no toy weapons allowed due to security reasons (one of my sons will be Han Solo), and what about masks... they may need to be taken off before entering the theater or entering the theater when at the ticket validation gate? Thanks!
i would love to see movie Avengers next month not this weekend
Will we have Shazam OC next weekend??
Do you know if Glass will be playing OC anywhere?
Come join us and watch Sunshine 2.0 perform "Life on Earth" in ASL/Spoken English on February 2 in District Heights, February 3 in Frederick, and February 10 in Owings Mills, Maryland! District Heights Event Facebook Link:
Jonathan Pie has arranged for captioning for the 7 pm show in DC - Who wants to come too? They will send the text to your iPhone tablet and provide a music stand for the tablet, and save us seats (otherwise it's General Admission). I've let them know that my tablet and phone are Android and I'm waiting to hear back. So far they've been very accommodating. Jonathan Pie is very funny and riffs on American politics. Will be a fun night, the night before elections! Let me know if you're coming so I can arrange for our seating.
Does anyone know if there's a group like this for the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia area, esp. the Peninsula? I'm moving there in a few weeks and while I've been visiting, I've had the hardest times seeing movies there. (The Movie Tavern in Williamsburg totally fails to have caption devices that work. Like, we've had to talk with managers numerous times because literally NONE of their devices work.)
Hello Everyone, I would love to see this movie coming out soon with captions. Anyone else interested in this movie?