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Happy #LaborDay! When is #JudgementDay? Anyway..... Inside Universal has posted tons of news this past week. Be sure to check them out!

Looks like USH will be closing House of Horrors, SoundStage 28 (Home to the Phantom of the Opera set), Flintstone's BBQ, Louie's Pizza and Pasta, and Ben and Jerry's on the upper lot.


Would you want to see a Back to the Future/Terminator cross over soon?


Finish this line: Imagine a world........


"We Are The Future"


What is your favorite scene in the show?


Today is officially the 1 year anniversary of the closure of #T23D at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you are visiting the park today, at 6pm, go to the former site of the attraction, and just give a moment of reflection.


Tomorrow is Dec. 31st, 2013. The 1 year anniversary of the closure of T2:3D. What was your fondest memory of the attraction in Hollywood? What is one thing you hoped to improve the attraction if it were still around?


Can you believe it? We are almost at the 1 year closure of T2:3D at Universal Studios Hollywood. It closed at 6pm on Dec. 31st, 2012, with "CLOSED", then later, "HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!".

Miss Terminator 2:3D at Universal Studios Hollywood? Check out Inside Universal at InsideUniversal.net for their extreme...
Inside Universal – Universal Studios Hollywood Guide

Miss Terminator 2:3D at Universal Studios Hollywood? Check out Inside Universal at InsideUniversal.net for their extremely extensive feature on all things Terminator 2:3D!

Unofficial Universal Studios Hollywood Guide


Universal Studios Hollywood will be closing the famed Gibson Amphitheater this week to make way for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and The Adventures of Curious George is closing tomorrow, permanently, to construct Harry Potter!


We are back! We've heard rumors of Terminator 2:3D closing in Orlando. We can confirm that it is staying open until developments are made. (if it happens)


Happy Birthday to Universal Studios Hollywood! You are 49 years old! Now time for the big 50!


"Imagine a world where butterflies run on batteries......""
Finish the phrase!


We have it, 130 likes! Can we get 200?


What would happen if the Terminators and Skynet were to destroy the human race now?


Da Da Da Daa Da. Cyberdyne Systems.


Happy Cyberdyne Thursdays! Swing by the Cyberdyne Systems building in Orlando and Osaka for a very top-secret presentation hosted by us!


Have a Super Saturday! Who will be going to Universal Orlando during spring break and seeing Cyberdyne's special presentation?


Can we get 200 fans?


We are now using a new feature, where you can reply to comments!


Happy Tuesday! What are you doing today? If you live in Orlando, go to the Cyberdyne Systems building to view their latest technology, Skynet.


Universal Hollywood is slowly demolishing our Demonstration room.


Who is experiencing Judgement Day? We want to know!

- We are the Future!


Who loves Terminator 2:3D?


For those in Florida that visit T2:3D, TAKE PHOTOS AND POST THEM ON HERE! We want to know if T2:3D is still popular at the park!


Do we have any former T2:3D cast members out here? If we do, message us and share your story.

If you are a crew member/cast that worked for T2:3D anytime from 1999 - 2012, we have some guidelines for you to follow for your message.

1. First name and how long have you worked at T2:3D, what years?
2. How was working at the attraction like?
3. Were you a 13 year crew/cast member that worked for the attraction?
4. What was your first impression on the first day of work?
5. How many shows have you seen approx. during your career at USH?
6. What was the most unique thing you saw during your career at USH?
7. What is one thing you wanted so bad that was in the attraction itself? (A Terminator, Kimberley's podium, VIC, etc)
8. Looking back at the attraction, what do you miss most? (Relationships you had, seeing new people everyday, etc)



Today is the CyberBowl! Who would you root for? The Terminators or The Connors?


Word Of The Day: " Super! "


Visit http://www.USHFans.com for fan and news stuff at Universal Studios Hollywood! Thanks Eric Oh! And he tells us to sign up on their forums!

For all Universal Studios Hollywood Fans


Our friend Danielle would love to star or cohost in a film!

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

I just found this very cool short film. I just found it, and our friend, Danielle Rayne is the star of this film, she is an original cast member for T2:3D at Universal Studios Hollywood!

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there... This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve S...


" It's Happening..... Today!!! We Are...... The Future.


I tried to warn you. Skynet means the end of everything don't you
understand. and we're putting a stop to SKYNET right now.


Every Saturday is "Favorite Line Saturday". We post a line from the show and then......


" Imagine a World... Where Butterflies Run on Batteries. "


What's your favorite scene in Terminator 2:3D?


We here at Cyberdyne Systems believe that Cyberdyne's top-secret presentation will not be on DVD. We have no clue if our presentation will be distributed or not.


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