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Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Wherever their money comes from, the new moguls’ interest in buying up outlets is generally less the direct profit involved—media profits are typically declining as the old local monopoly model erodes—and more the power that comes with control of the public conversation.

Metro-Chicago Gray Panthers

Metro-Chicago Gray Panthers

We received the following inquiry and if anyone can help on this we can put you in touch with her.

"Hello, I'm working on a piece about regulatory fines and litigation involving nursing homes, and how those two things do or don't influence the quality of care. I'm looking for people who feel that they've had poor treatment at nursing homes, and thought your organization might be a good place to start for suggestions. Thanks much for your time, Stephanie Francis Ward, senior writer, ABA Journal"

Aspen Hill Christian Church

Aspen Hill Christian Church

Thanks for the love and faithfulness of AHCC members and friends today we are delivery a HUGE number of backpacks for children in need to a local elementary school. Wow! Faith in action is always a joy to see. Thank you to our Outreach Ministry Chair and those who helped promote and gave to this wonderful annual outreach effort.



It’s one year since hundreds of Rohingya were killed, and hundreds of thousands fled the systematic violence by Myanmar’s military.

This refugee is helping others to deal with their trauma through music.

International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee

"Baking helps me connect with people. You give them something that makes them happy and that makes me happy too."
Meet Taghreed, a resettled refugee who’s working hard and living her dreams in Seattle. Watch and share if you too, #StandWithRefugees.

الحرية لوائل عباس  Free Wael Abbas

الحرية لوائل عباس Free Wael Abbas

For the sixth time in a row, the State Security Prosecution decided to prolong the detention of Wael Abbas in jail for another 15 days pending investigation.

Wael is in poor health and suffers from a medical condition in the mitral valve in the heart, causing him shortness of breath and endangering his life. Despite the fact that the prosecution last session had allowed his admittance to the prison hospital, the prison administration has not yet complied with the decision which has adversely affected his condition.

Abbas is being denied his basic human right to treatment in yet another dubious infringement of rights by the Egyptian government


Toowoomba House of Prayer

Toowoomba House of Prayer


Both nights were full of people and very busy. Relationships with people was awesome.
People are so starved of love. Both saints and unbelievers. We are rejoicing at what God is doing.
Both David and Barry led worship very well. The team singers were awesome.


We started with a single man who was Egyptian. He is muslim but married to a Christian lady.
it was wonderful singing to him and praying. Good seed sown. Paul

Prayed for Cameron, Walter & Tarn & one or two others that I cannot remember their names. All young working men who were very respectful & willing to have a blessing over their lives.
A young lady that we prayed for 2 months ago stopped & received prayer. Kalara is her name & her friend Kate.
Molly another one of Hannah's friends I had a opportunity to bless in Jesus name & she was with a guy named Peter who we have met & prayed for before. Many soft & willing young people to connect to down the street. Ian

Hi Paul and Jan,
Colleen here, just giving the report from Friday night 29th June,
It is such an honour to be out singing to the Lord on the streets of Toowoomba with the family of Christ.
Ian And I talked to a beautiful young couple. He was only 28 and had his own business and she worked in the office for him. They were from Tenterfield and were heading up north for a short holiday in the warmer weather. They both actually encouraged us. The girl said, “You are all amazing and you sound wonderful.”
The young man said, “So you come out here every Friday and Saturday night, well you bring life to the place, well done!”
Isn’t that a great word of encouragement for all of us.
I talk and prayed for 4 other girls and I kept getting the same word of encouragement for each of them. So I just started talking to each of them and all 4 of them, had just had their boyfriends break up with them in a very nasty way. Telling each of them ugly stuff about them, and why they didn’t want to stay with them.
So the words of encouragement that they were valuable and precious and beautiful, were received with gratitude.
Oh Paul and Jan I was grieved in my heart for each of them this makes it the last 3 to 4 weeks that I keep coming across these precious young women who have been demoralised and crushed by very nasty breakups and the breakups have been orchestrated by the young men.
I am seriously going to pray into these situations, it’s not right that our young women are being brutally made to feel they are worthless, when they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God!.

Hi from Neil and Joanne. God is Good. We prayed for a young lady Caroline. We prayed for God’s blessings and for her to have a good sleep and for protection in the night. Joanne felt an Oppressive spiritual force around the back of her head, so she asked the young lady if she suffered from headaches. She said yes and that last night she could not sleep at all with a strong headache etc. We prayed and she felt better. She had not been to church for a few weeks because of a new job and was really needing the prayer and encouragement and praise to Jesus.
Prayed for a man called Zed. Asked God to bless him. We felt to pray for his eyes to see clearly and to see the goodness of God.
Prayed for a young man Luke. He was open to Jesus with a soft heart. Encouraged him in the Love of God and relationship with Jesus and the testimonies of God’s goodness.

Friday nights report:
This was truly an encouraging night for all of us because of the amount of people who responded to us! We had all sorts of backgrounds show up and it was amazing to see where each one stood with their knowledge/relationship with God the Father. At times it was sad though, to see them giving their passion and time to other foreign god's, however, the desire to submit and live for someone who is far more superior then themselves still exits. In this I take joy, not because that person is living for another god, but because there is something there that God can channel to himself. Unlike most people these days who don't live by or for anything and therefore is much harder for them to come to God with a sincere and true heart for Him, when all they have known is to satisfy and meet the needs of themselves.

I experienced something different that night when I was praying for those people; I saw what it truly looked like when someones heart was really opened to what the Holy Spirit was saying through me. For instance, Cameron, a young man who met us at the start of the night and then later came back with his friends. After singing to them, of which they participated really well in the action song, His banner over me, I prayed for for him and afterwards when we were just talking he must have said this over three times to me, that he really enjoyed what happened tonight. He also said that it had made he's day!

Another example was an African fellow I was praying for who turned out to be a Muslim. And as we discussed Jesus and the different view points of what we believe, you could see that there was something in his facial expressions that had just clicked, like a switch turning on. Unfortunately, we didn't get to talk long enough because he's friends wanted to go but I saw that he wanted to stay and keep talking because a light had just been turned on and he wanted to turn more on, like you would with a dark house; you turn one on and it gives you enough light to go into the next room and turn that one on and so forth.

Anyway, I was really encouraged from last night's encounters and seeing the fruit of our work.
Love from your brother in Christ

Had an opportunity to pray for the very last one of the night. Liam, a young man in the group had asked this young couple if they would like us to sing to them. The girl was from The Netherlands, and the guy from Switzerland. It was such a H/S led moment. The girls name was Dede. She had been travelling around Australia for 5 months, and going home in 3 days. Before I prayed for her, I was sharing how much God loves her, and has a good plan for her life and encouraged her to read the Book before she goes home and get to know Him better, because He is so much interested in her. She then told me how she felt blown away by the whole experience as she loved us singing, and that she was just thinking the day before about her future etc. And how what I said really witnessed to her. At the end she asked if she could give me a big hug. I also was feeling to do the same. What a wonderful thing it is to see His hand move through you, onto another person, being His witness!
Love Janelle

Thank you once again for the privilege to minister as the ecclesia Of Toowoomba on the streets with you.
It blesses my heart that every time I’ve joined you the prophetic word and intercession has operated to bless the people passing by.

Stephanie was the young student from Brazil. She said she was a Christian but needed prayer as she faced issues concerning her future. The spirit of God encouraged her and released hope. I sensed that the Lord saw her as a champion. Her eyes lit up with a huge smile. Her countenance had changed as she left with Hope and Joy of the Lord!

The second person was a young university student from Tasmania visiting her family in Toowoomba. She asked for prayers for mum trying to establish her business after surgery. The Lord once again gave hope and encouragement to the young lady.

Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy. To be sensitive to His spirit and how it ministers to people is so inspirational and in Awe of God.
Katie and her male friend from Spain were willing to be sung to . Katie was cold so young Liam from our group ran up and threw a pink blanket over her even before her male friend could remove his jacket to wrap around her.
As I was asked to minister to her I felt the wrapping of a pink blanket was a prophetic sign from God to Katie that an old season has moved and that God was bringing a new season of change in her life.
When I asked if it resonated with her she said yes. She said she has just come out of a very abusive relationship and she had met the male friend after 10 yrs of knowing him.
The spirit of the Lord also spoke to her that the colour pink means vitality, romance , good the coming changes to her life are good! She was very blessed and encouraged by the prophetic sign and interpretation!
I asked her if she had a faith . She said no. I told her that I was a Christian and if she would like me to pray in the name of Jesus. She didn’t mind at all.
The Lord put in my heart to ask her if she knew about the Psalms in the Bible. She said yes! Then I told her that according to Psalm 139:16 God had written a book about her even before she was formed and placed in her mother’s womb! She was completely intrigued by that revelation! I felt to encourage her to talk to the Father in heaven who is truly the author of her book! She said she will and allowed me to pray for her!
Katie also was blessed with hope that God hand is upon her life and that HE is doing a new thing in her life.

May the Lord receive All the Glory and may it bring forth much fruit in the lives of His people!
Agape , Molly


My prayers went well for two men, we talked for a bit about them and where there from then I prayed with them that God would fill them with peace and love and that there path of future would be made clear or obvious. Josiah

Hello everyone,
Saturday night was lots of fun, we had a lot of people respond so it was a great night to finish off with before the school holidays.
Now that Paul is getting me to step up and be the one to invite people to listen to us I am growing in confidence and faith with Jesus, through this. Because I know that he makes us strong through our weaknesses.
We had some spontaneous people that just sat down and listened and even joined in with us, so it was wonderful to see the move of God in action that night.
I pray God's grace will continue to abound in you all and hope whoever is reading this for the first time will be encouraged to join in with what God is doing through us.
Love Liam

Had opportunity to pray with 4 ladies from Bne. There was a Mother and daughter in the group The Lord gave me a word for them and tears were
in there eyes they were truly touched and blessed
Another lady from America over here at Uni for 10 weeks studying Astronomy was touched also
I prayed for a blessing on the others I prayed for and all were blessed another great night
Sony 😱💕
We prayed for groups of ladies during the night. The first group came up from Brisbane to see the ballet. A mother and daughter and her two friends as well. All attending churches in Brisbane. They were very thankful what we were doing. After we prayed for them, they all felt very loved and encouraged. With the mother and a couple of others with tears in their eyes, the H/S was touching them.

The other two young ladies were from Warwick. One was very out there in her personality, and the other was a lot quieter. They both entered into the singing wholeheartedly. As I prayed for Hayley the quieter one, I was able to encourage her in her job and that God thought she was beautiful and was able to encourage her in her future. Her face lit up. Encouraging her to go after the passion that is her. Explaining to her that God is a good father and puts desires and passions in all of us.

During the night there was also a group of young girls from Harristown high celebrating a birthday! We were able to sing to them, and they just sat down on their own accord. There were about 8 of them. With another older couple also sitting down to listen as well, who were visiting from Melbourne and Brisbane.

Also was able to pray for an Asian lady who works at the uni in the international office, felt very touched by us singing and blessing her. I told her she looked liked a princess! She felt encouraged also
We are so overwhelmed by the saints and the ones who don't know Him all have such a need to be loved and encouraged. Love Janelle

Two young men we sang to Friday night came back with another friend. This seems very significant because Cameron wants to bring heaps of his friends to come and hear us. Please pray for Cameron and Curtis to keep coming back with their friends. We also had a couple come back that we have sung to a couple of times Also challenged them to sing with us in the future. Please pray for Ronin and Jana to come back and sing with us. Paul
We start back on the 20TH AND 21ST of July. There will be four weeks where Barry and Sonya will be on holidays. Please pray for these four weeks on a Saturday night where we will need 2/3 extra singers. Thanking you.
Each and everyone praying, we want to encourage you that God is doing beautiful work in many people's lives. Your prayers are making this happen.


الحرية لوائل عباس  Free Wael Abbas

الحرية لوائل عباس Free Wael Abbas

رسمة من وائل هدية لبنت اخوه قبل كام يوم من حبسه.
وصف الرسمة الفني : وائل و الأعور جمب العربية و في الخلفية هي بتكروز بعتريس جمب العربية و هي اللي راكبة العجلة و هي اللي سايقة العربية البيجو و هي اللي راكبة اكتر لعبة هي بتحبها جاتلها من وائل، حمودة الحصان 😅 😊🐎

ملحوظة: القط و الحصان الأتنين أسمهم حمودة! ده الأعور و ده الحصان :)

الحرية لوائل عباس  Free Wael Abbas

الحرية لوائل عباس Free Wael Abbas

مش ها تتجوِّز بقى يا وائل؟
كلمة أسمعها كثيرًا من القريب والغريب ناس بتحبني أو ناس عاوزة تخلص مني ناس عاوزة تفرح فيَّ أو تفرح ليَّ طب أتجوز وأجيب عيال يطلعوا مدمنين لهذه المدينة مثلي؟ وأتجوِّز ليه ما انا متجوِّز القاهرة!
متجوِّز القاهرة؟
أول مرة تخطر على بالي الفكرة دي وأنا بتفرَّج ع الفيلم!
طب لو ما كنتش متجوِّزها أومال لازقلها كده ليه؟ ده انت حتى مش موهوب زيّ كفافيس تعبر عن حبك ليها.

كم أدمنت هذه المدينة ولا شفاء لي، إنها خطيئة لا أستطيع التوبة عنها والخلاص منها، كم أكرهها وأحبها في نفس الوقت، وأتحجج بالحجج الواهية للهروب من السفر وإن كنت سأقبض بالدولار وآكُل ملء بطني مما ابتدعته شعوب العالم شرقًا وغربًا، أهرب من هذا حتى أبقى فيها وإن نمت على الرصيف وآكلت كسرة خبز.

قاهرتي، حُبِّي الذي ما زال حيًّا، هنا ياما ناس اتعلّقت على باب زويلة، وياما ناس اترمت من على أسوار القلعة، وهنا وقف عرابي، وخطب مصطفى كامل، واندفن سعد زغلول، واتقتل احمد ماهر والنقراشي، والسادات، هنا ما وصلش الصليبيين ولا المغول أبدًا، هنا انكسر الفرنسوية والانجليز ورحلوا، وهنا ان شاء الله ينقهر كل من أراد القاهرة بسوء.



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