South Hills Theater

South Hills Theater The South Hills Theater is now gone, but not soon forgotten by all those who worked there or were entertained there over 8 plus decades.


Update on the South Hills Theatre ticket booth, per Dormont Historical Society's Mar/Apr 2011 Newsletter: Justin Martin made a heavy-duty base with commercial wheels for it; Andy Dressel cleaned the stainless steel until it shines. The next step is to move it from my [Mrs. Moreland, DHS] garage to the Municipal Center as its size means it must be reassembled there. Then to get the glass replaced and curtains made.


The Dormont Historical Society is hoping to get a Memorial Marker at the former site of the South Hills Theatre: "Memorial donations are deposited into a special Memorial Fund. In the years ahead, we are hoping to be able to mark the former site of the South Hills Theatre, then the Hollywood Theatre, the original Municipal Building, and the former Hillsdale School building."

South Hills Theater Dormont, PA - Rubble Drive-By 6/24/2010

South Hills Theater Dormont, PA - Rubble Drive-By 6/24/2010

I drove through Dormont on my way downtown to get to Anthrocon. I set my camera up on one of my mini tripods, and got this video of driving by the pile of rubble that was once the South Hills Theater in Dormont, Pa. And yes, I was listening to the GoldenEye 007 N64 game soundtrack, because I'm...

Just found the newspaper article announcing the "grand opening" of the South Hills Theatre (known then as the Harris Sou...
The Pittsburgh Press - Google News Archive Search

Just found the newspaper article announcing the "grand opening" of the South Hills Theatre (known then as the Harris South Hills Theatre) scheduled for Monday, April 30, 1928.

Harris South Hills Theater To Be Opened Monday Night. Elaborate Dedication Exercises Planned for Dormont’s Fine New Playhouse.

Samples of past programs

Click on this link and scroll down the page a little bit. There is an audio sample of the Mighty WurliTzer at the South Hills Theatre.

Look for: Don Baker - South Hills theatre 2/6 WurliTzer, November 9, 1976.

Cinema Treasures | Cinema 4
Cinema Treasures | Cinema 4

Cinema Treasures | Cinema 4

The Cinema 4 in Dormont (Pittsburgh) has been abandoned for several years as its marquee (which I saw yesterday 9/21/2004) attests:


Dear Fans of the South Hills Theater: The theater is now completely gone- a blank space for a, super. Anyhow, please do be sure to check out the photo album section for, literally, hundreds of pics of this grand old theater- from sparkling new to twisted remains, and everything in between over 82 years of existence. Further contributions are encouraged!


News of demolition of the South Hills Theater being underway has been reported elsewhere. Your intrepid reporter will attempt to gather photographic evidence to share with you soon. I suppose we all knew where this was headed, but still....sad!


Formerly Located At: 3075 West Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA


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