Monday Night Magic

Monday Night Magic #1 place in Anaheim to buy, sell, play and trade Magic the Gathering and other tabletop paraphernalia

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Alright everyone:. We're going hard ONE MORE TIME!

Tune in tonight as we go LIVE FOR LAG!

It's night number 3, and we're going to shuffle up, and get down to some MTG:A.

Please come support our @thelagbar in ANAHEIM, as we finish this drive strong!

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-Intoxicated Gaming- presents = Took a vacation in my mind, and now I'm making a comeback. The world could always use more heroes...

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Good evening, everyone!

It's Monday, yet again, and we're playing some Magic: The Gathering!

Why, you ask? Simple really:

Not only is there a BRAND NEW SET OUT; I am also running a new MTG group at the LAG Bar in Anaheim! Yes... YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!

Want to watch Magic from the safety of your home or office, then Twitch is for you! Wish you could join me, live, and learn to play like the pros (with real paper magic cards?!), then Wednesday Night's at the LAG Bar in Anaheim might be up your alley!

Regardless of how you play, definitely join us tonight, and let's have some fun!

Libations And Gaming

-Intoxicated Gaming- presents = Why even try? Let's just game. Maybe it's worth it.

We out here...Libations And Gaming

We out here...

Libations And Gaming

Something is coming...  Something new...  Stay Tuned...

Something is coming... Something new... Stay Tuned...

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Good evening, everyone!


We have OVER 90 PACKS to crack for you!

We're going to review the newest keywords, possible mechanics, and crazy deck builds as we unveil the latest, and MOST EXCITING set from our friends at Blizzard!

Join me at 9PM as we GET TO CRACKING!

-Intoxicated Gaming- presents = SATURDAZE WITH STREAK!! Look's like the world could use a few more heroes! GO OVERWATCH!!!

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Monday Night Magic is upon us!

Yes, indeed, my friends! It's time to further expound on yesterday's epic card run! Let's get to cracking the rest of these packs!

Hopefully, we get some more pieces of our Knights deck!

Let's go!!!!!

-Intoxicated Gaming- presents = Tuesday Night Streakfest! Limited Edition! Let's run that OVERWATCH LIFE!!

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I know, I know. I missed the monday stream, and didn't even make a post letting you know, and you're mad at me. Well, you have a right, and I apologize.

Been going through a lot, lately, and Monday, it all hit me pretty hard. After dinner with my mom, I kinda just lost my mind, and had myself a little mental breakdown.

The great news, is that I'm back, and ready to go! The bad news is, I can't decide what to play. Hearthstone? WoW? Overwatch? TRON? MTG? Hellblade? C&C? Fallout? Starcraft? I CAN'T DECIDE!!

So please, tune in tonight, and help me figure out what I'm going to play, and what we're going to do this weekend! Clearly, I owe you a make-up session!

Let's get down to business!

-Intoxicated Gaming- presents = Tuesday Night Streakfest! Limited Edition! Let's run that OVERWATCH LIFE!!

It's that day!  Join us, tonight, on -Intoxicated Gaming- as  we crack packs, discover new cards, and review the new Met...

It's that day!

Join us, tonight, on -Intoxicated Gaming- as we crack packs, discover new cards, and review the new Meta as we dive into the world of Saviors of Uldum!

See you, tonight, at 8PM!

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Alrighty everyone: I'm actually going to post! I know, pretty cool, right?!

It's Thursday! That means, it's time for -INTOXICATED GAMING- !!!

I've noticed that lately we've been pretty short on people, so it is foreseeable that changes are coming to the stream.

No, I haven't consulted the might Compton on this one yet, but he'll find out soon enough.

In the mean time, come enjoy a cold one with all of us here at -IG- central as we say, "Goodbye!" to summer, and heat, all the things I dislike about living in California. LoL @TheStreaker1337

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-Intoxicated Gaming-


You guessed it, boys and girls: It's Tuesday Night, and time for some -Intoxicated Gaming- !!

I know what you're thinking, "It's only day 3 of this week, and I already want to give up. Is there any way to set my alarm for sometime next week, and just sleep til then?"

OF COURSE THERE ISN'T! So we'll have to do it the old fashioned way, with Video games, great friends, good laughs, and COLD BEERS! Come join the BEST Tuesday Night Party team anywhere in the U.S.!!

Want to join the party? Just ask, you shall receive! Anyone, and everyone, is welcome to join us for this LIVE and DIRECT taping of -INTOXICATED GAMING-, right here in the beautiful city of Anaheim! Don't miss a SINGLE MINUTE of the action! Maybe even test your strength, and step onto the camera, and into the world of -IG-!!

Hope to see you all tonight! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-


Alrighty everyone... it's that time again: It's -Intoxicated Gaming- for your Saturday Night PARTY SQUAD!

That's right everyone, I've got all the boys right here in the house, and we're going to LIVE, LAUGH, GAME and DRINK 'EM UP!

Join us LIVE on Twitch TV in just 20 minutes! So grab a cold one, find a comfy chair, and relax while we PARTY our way into Sunday morning! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-


Alrighty everyone... going live in 10 minutes: It's -Intoxicated Gaming- !!

So many wonderful guests tonight, and even some NEW GAMES! I know what you're thinking, how many games can you even play? Well, I guess that number is going to go up slightly, so get ready for some fun!

Join me, William Campbell, Richard Jimenez II, and so many more tonight for some good fun, good laughs, and COLD BEERS!

See you all tonight in just 5 minutes! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-


Alrighty everyone, in just 1 HOUR from now, -Intoxicated Gaming- will be LIVE and DIRECT TO YOU!

You've waited far too long, and we understand the need to cut loose, and enjoy a few cold ones with friends. Come join us tonight on TWITCH TV for your first episode of the week!

Tonight we have some very special guests for you, and even a special guest commentator who has personally challenged me! What could possibly be more exciting? The answer? Nothing.

So join all of us here at -Intoxicated Gaming- LIVE at 7pm PST (-800 GMT) for all the friends, laughs, games, beers, and good ole' plain fun. Oh, and did I mention the free prizes? =-D @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-


Alrighty, everybody: It's MONDAY NIGHT!

Time to lace up your favorite kicks, grab your draft set sleeves, and head over to Rowan House for a MAGIC: ORIGINS RELEASE DRAFT PARTY!

Yep, it's release weekend, and for those who worked all weekend (much like myself), it's time to finally get to look inside these mysterious new packs, and gaze longingly into the abyss! I mean... the packs. Yes... I meant the packs.

Anyway, I will see all of you PERSONALLY, tonight, as I am leaving shortly to join up with Matthew Stansfield and Maddie to begin setting up! Sleeves will be available for those who require them, and I have even heard tell that you may be able to use your card to purchase things! Weird, right?

See you all tonight!
Registration from 630-730pm.
Cost = $10


Alrighty Everyone... It's the beginning of the week, so here's your itinerary for MNM events:

Monday 7/20: Monday Night Magic: ORIGINS DRAFT!

That's right everyone, Matthew Stansfield and Maddie TheRock Jade will be helping me to host a SUPER EPIC night of draft pods for the new MAGIC: ORIGINS set! Please be on hand as close to 7pm as possible to help with registrations, and organizations!


Price to enter is $10!! Please come prepared!

Tuesday 7/21: -Intoxicated Gaming- Tuesday Night Stream

Still have a couple open spots for guest players for this stream! If you would like to come down, and be on the show, let me know which hour you would like, and what game you will want to play!

Thursday 7/23: -Intoxicated Gaming- Thursday Night Stream

Only 1 hour is available for this evening. If you would like to fill this spot, please contact ASAP. This will be decided on a First come / First served basis.

Saturday 7/25: -Intoxicated Gaming- Friday Night Stream

All Hour slots are still open for this event. If you would like to join the BEST VIDEO GAME PARTY IN OC, then sign up today! What could be better than a Saturday night filled with good friends, good eats, and good beer? Oh, and did I mention the VIDEO GAMES! Apply today!

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Going LIVE in just 10 MINUTES... It's your Thursday night installment of -INTOXICATED GAMING- !!!

Yeah, it's been an epic day, so lets close out this Thursday night with some laughter, epic games, epic fails, and as always, COLD BEER!

We have so many exciting guests tonight, that there is no telling what will be played! Come join myself, William Campbell, Jim Eichmann, Brian Seeley, and Heather Summerville for some truly INTOXICATING fun! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Week is off to a rocky start, but everyday brings new excitement!

1st order of business: For those of you who are curious, this coming up MONDAY NIGHT MAGIC is going to be HUGE! Why, you ask?


Yeah, I know. I've been a ghost for a while, but I'm starting to get a routine schedule, and I can start to do fun things again. I told you the time would come. =-D So I hope to see all of you this coming Monday at Monday Night Magic!!!

Origins draft you say? $10 you say? DARK CONFIDANT AS A POSSIBLE PRIZE YOU SAY? Well then... guess I'm in.

Now, as for today... in just 30 minutes, it's your first dose of the week: -INTOXICATED GAMING- will be LIVE AND DIRECT TO YOU, TONIGHT!

That's right folks, it's real. 30 minutes from now, at 7pm PST, we will all gather around our media device of choice to watch a goofy fat guy play video games, and get absolutely BEATEN TO A PULP by the audience. (Of course, these are video games, and no actual fat men were harmed in the making of this stream!)

So come sit back, relax, and enjoy a beverage as I take on the audience HEAD ON! (Quite literally, in the case of these foamy cheap beers!) It's been a very good week, so maybe I'll try to throw in some extra prizes. Tune in, and find out! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Alrighty boys and girls: It's been a VERY rough week here at -IG- central, but fear not; for it is Saturday!

That means -Intoxicated Gaming- will be LIVE and IN COLOR at 9pm!

Get ready to drink, laugh, game, and party your way into Sunday!

Join us tonight at 9pm for a VERY SPECIAL new PRE-ALPHA INVITE that was sent just this morning! It's a blast from the past, and it doesn't look too bad at all! Personally, I was so excited to download this game, that I may, or may not, have started the party a little early.

Want to know what it is? Join me at -IG- central before the stream begins for a preview! @TheStreaker1337
SnapChat = TheStreaker1337

-Intoxicated Gaming-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Okay everyone... I know it's been a long week for everyone, but we're back, and LIVE tonight at 7pm!

-Intoxicated Gaming- will be LIVE and ONLINE TONIGHT at our NEW TIME! You all asked for it, so we're going to give it a shot!

Tune in tonight at 7pm for some laughter, video games, prizes, and of course, Ice Cold Beers!

See you tonight! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Just a little over 2 hours before it's time to kick off your week with the Tuesday Night Edition of -INTOXICATED GAMING- !!

For those of you who joined in on Saturday night, I ask, "How CRAZY WAS THAT?" Definitely set the record for peak viewers, and number of points scored!! It was absolutely incredible. You couldn't squeeze another POINT on that board!

For all of you who are curious, at this point, I do not have any co-hosts, or guests, at the moment, but as you have seen, that can change AT ANY MOMENT! Adds that little bit of incentive to tune in! I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a mystery guest, or two?

Of course, this evening, I have downloaded a real treat for all of you. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but I couldn't just pass it by. You'd all better bring your thinking caps tonight. It's going to take more than my genius to make it through tonight's title. Be prepared!

Also, thanks to EVERYONE who added us on TWITTER and SNAPCHAT! Free points feel pretty good, don't they? See you all at 9pm! @TheStreaker1337
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-Intoxicated Gaming-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

Only an hour away: It's that -Intoxicated Gaming- Stream you've heard so much about!

For those curious, it looks as though I will be flying solo tonight. Apparently everyone is either working, or has some super cool plans. Well, my SUPER COOL PLANS are to be posted up, right here, for ALL of you to enjoy!

Of course, this does not mean that you are not welcome to join me. If you would like to be present for this evenings stream, just head over to -IG- HQ! Everyone, and anyone is welcome! See all of you tonight!

-Intoxicated Gamers-

TheStreaker1337 - Twitch

It's that time folks: -Intoxicated Gaming- is only 2 hours away!

I know, most of you are thinking, "But Isaac... With all this legalized marriage, I don't have time for that kind of thing!"

Well of course you do! You see, if you knew ANYTHING about how the process works, you'd know the county clerks office is back logged for about 3 months. You won't be having any marriage, gay, or straight, today!

So come join us tonight on the -Intoxicated Gaming- Stream as we drink, laugh, and game our way into history! @TheStreaker1337
SnapChat = TheStreaker1337

Remember to add us on Twitter and SnapChat for chances to win BONUS POINTS! With all these free prizes, it's a wonder I'm able to keep up with it all! See you tonight!

-Intoxicated Gamers-


Huge announcement from Maddie TheRock Jade and Matthew Stansfield! These two are going to help me run MNM! Read below:

The people have voted and the votes are in! We will be hosting a FREE Commander/EDH event this Monday night! Registration will be open at 6pm and we will be firing it off at 7:30 sharp!

Here's a breakdown of what's going to happen:

-3x 60-minute rounds
-4 man (or lovely lady) pods
-5 minute sideboarding after general is revealed
-Partial Paris mulligan rule... (if you don't know what this means, Google it, phone a friend, or ask on Monday Night)

(A copy will be made available on Monday if you forget to check!)

Now let's talk about free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff!? We will be having door prizes, raffles, free pizza, free soda, and much more!


We are both very excited to see you all on Monday, and continue on this amazing weekly tradition!


Hey everyone, due to today's truck at work being cancelled, and me being subsequently rescheduled to tomorrow, today's episode of -Intoxicated Gaming- will be cancelled.

Please join us SATURDAY NIGHT at 9PM for the next episode of the -Intoxicated Gaming- stream!

We apologize for the inconvenience.


So many updates to give, so stick with me. This will probably become TL:DR very quickly.

First, I would like to thank EVERYONE in the Monday Night Magic community! The outpouring of love over the last few days has been overwhelming, and I can't thank you all enough. I have read all of your messages, and posts, and will be constructing a new business model for her, very soon.

For those of you that I have spoken to, please let me know which Monday's you are available, and help me to create a calendar for the community at large. As I can tell you, even a months notice is usually not enough preparation time for some people... Spencer Garver, Kevin Nakamoto, Brandon Qing), but it's the best way to give everyone an idea of what to expect. So, Spence, let me know when you want to run this pool party / BBQ event, and Maddie TheRock Jade and Matthew Stansfield, let me know which Monday(s) you would like to bring out your sealed collection!

Now, as for the -IG- Streams this week, today will be 9-12am, assuming I can scrape enough change together for beers. Thursday will be 6pm-9pm due to work scheduling, and Saturday SHOULD BE 9-12am assuming there is no work interference. As of now, I don't have any confirmed special guests yet, but that always seems to change as the night wears on, so I hope to see you all there!

Lastly, the -IG- stream is approaching 50 followers, and 500 views! That's huge! I can't thank all of you enough times for tuning in, and viewing our little dog an pony show! Just know that I will continue to do my best to upgrade the entire experience as a whole. Gregory Robert Thomas Henson has been a huge help in coding, and rendering all the cool layouts, and graphics, and I will continue to do my best to resolve Hardware issues, and keep content exciting and fun! Of course, as I start to make more money, hopefully, in the future, I will get better prizes for everyone! Maybe we'll even get to have the mythical Subscriber button some day!

Once again, thanks for everything that all of you have done, and continue to stay tuned to Monday Night Magic, and -IG- for all the latest in video gaming, and Magic: The Gathering news!


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