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Welcome to the Wine Gorilla Club... What kind of wine does a wine gorilla drink? Any kind it wants! Created and designed to save our members an outrageous amount of money on wine, we are careful about who joins the club and we intentionally grow the club slowly, by word of mouth. Membership in the club is an exclusive offering. If you feel you are ready to swallow the red pill and forever change your wine buying life - please read on....

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Wine Gorilla Club Membership Rules

There is an annual fee that auto renews the month of your membership (which you may cancel the month prior to the auto-renewal). However, you should view it as a non-issue since you typically make that back on the first case of wine.
We only make a very small set fee per bottle - we don't care if you buy bottles that cost $175 or bottles that cost $20. We make the same amount of money either way. We don't have a dog in the fight so we aren't going to steer you to a wine that costs you more money... There is no advantage for us!

Example: we have a deal on a popular Pinot Noir right now for $24.00 per bottle. The big box stores down the street sell it for $40.00+. Case from us is $288 plus tax. Case from them is $480 plus tax. So doing my wiz bang arithmetic you would save $192 on your first order. Enough to pay for your membership - plus additional savings left over!!

Next, we ask that you don't share the membership with others. Part of how we make up for selling wine at ridiculously low prices is that we need the membership dues. If you refer a new member to the club we'll give you a referral fee in the form of a credit on your account to use on wine, or at our Italian Market (more on the Italian Market in a minute).

Now since we make such a small fee per bottle, AND WE PAY FOR THE WINE UP FRONT, as you can imagine - a lot of our funds may be tied up in our members wine sitting at the shop. So when you order wine, and when we call or email to let you know it is in, you have two days to make arrangements to come pick up your wine or we will charge your CC on file. If we do this, we will pass on the 4% "convenience fee" to the order. So to get the best deal it would be best if you paid in cash or by check!

Now if it is a Wednesday and you call or email us to let us know you'll be by the shop on Saturday for example (and will be paying cash or check) then we won't charge the card on file.

Last, all the wine club pricing should be confidential. Just like in the movie Fight Club, "you don't talk about Fight Club". If you take a quote of ours and try and go to another store or to one of the big box stores and rub it in their faces that you are able to get the wine at a better deal i.e. "and how come you aren't selling it this low etc" they will complain to the distributors and the wineries; then we take some heat.
We aren't doing anything wrong but we are VERY unpopular with some other wine retailers in the area (as you might expect) as well as the wineries. So we try not to make waves and get our supply chain in hot water.
We only make a very small set fee per bottle - we don't care if you buy bottles that cost $175 or bottles that cost $20. We make the same amount of money either way.


Another added bonus to the Wine Gorilla Club membership is that you have access to some awesome products that are sold through our Italian Market. Items directly imported to us from Italy! Jon has an olive oil business, a pasta business, and a vinegar business. When you see these boutique olive oil shops around town selling their fancy olive oil for $30.00+ for a tiny bottle; some of them Jon has supplied. You now have access to buy first press Calabrian olive oil at cost since you are a club member (I'm talking about a lot more olive oil and at a substantially lower price)! Same with the high-end flavored vinegars. I use them myself; they are awesome products. We also have access to great deals from prime / specialty meat vendors too.

The specials don't stop there! We will be introducing a variety of great gift packages for a number of special occasions. For example, we will have corporate thank you gifts, house warming presents and holiday gift baskets. Who wouldn't want to be remembered for bringing that “something extra special”??

In-Store Food Specials:

We have Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin center cut steaks. Sear them off in a cast iron pan and finish them in the oven or just throw them on the grill - tender and oh so good! These Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin steaks are just $3.95 each. Goes great with a Justin Cabernet Sauvignon (Wine Gorilla club price $18.87).

We are buying Iowa corn fed beef from our new specialty meat purveyor. Hand carved and vacuum packed for freshness! Call monthly to see what beef special we are featuring. Currently, we have skirt steak packed in 1 - 1.5 lb packages for $11.90 per pound. Enjoy with a bottle of Turnbull Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (Wine Gorilla club price $24.00).

We also have Jon's famous "Ready to Cook" Meatballs... Each package contains 4 giant meatballs made up of 100% beef along with his blend of seasonings and spices for only $8.00. Have along side an Giuliano Rosati Italian Valpolicella Ripasso (Wine Gorilla club price $17.37).

Our 24 month aged, imported, Reggiano Parmesan is from the Italian Provinces of: Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua. This true Reggiano Parmesan cheese has a slightly gritty texture with a strong savory flavor that imparts a sharp, complex fruity and nutty taste. We are selling each 1 lb portion for an amazing price of $15.95 each.

How about some seafood!
We have 2 lbs packages of 16/20, raw, tail on, peeled and de-veined frozen shrimp for just $25.00 each. Also in the freezer are 1 lb vacuum packed, prime whole shell clams 11-16 ct for just $5.95. Next up, some premium vacuum packed fully cooked and cleaned mussels. Each 1 lb portion is just $4.00.

We also have wild caught Alaskan salmon (skin-on) 6 oz pieces for $4.50 each and skinless wild caught Alaskan salmon 6 oz portions for $6.50 each. Additionally we have Tuna steaks - each 6oz wild caught portion is just $4.60 each.
All our seafood selections go perfect with Laguna Chardonnay (Wine Gorilla club price of $14.95 ea) or the Peju Sauvignon Blanc (Wine Gorilla club price $17.87).

By the way WE CATER too! Let us set you up for success at your next party. We can take care of everything from A to Z for your next event OR we can fix you up with all the sides and mains for you to heat and eat! Call Jon for more details: 404-483-7637.
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Wine Gorilla Club's cover photo

Wine Gorilla Club's cover photo

Wine Gorilla Club

Wine Gorilla Club


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