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Club Cinema Club Cinema has arrived. New to the CHHS campus, Club Cinema is the sole hub for entertainment. By joining, you will be able to win prizes, learn about film, and indulge in entertainment in a way that will encourage you to "look beyond what you see."

Club Cinema has arrived! This new club on campus revolves entirely around movies. From science fiction to comedy, Club Cinema is the sole hub for entertainment at Chino Hills High School. The purpose of this club is to heighten each member’s interest in film. By the end of a single year in Club Cinema, members will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of movies. On top of movie discussions and lessons, members will often battle in a game of wits and movie trivia, competing for movie tickets, gift cards, Blu-Ray discs, and other prizes. Movie news is sure to be a weekly topic, and the writing of reviews will become a regular routine if it is something that interests the club body. On top of that, watching movies determined by the club will also be a common activity. For students who are either passionate about film or interested in learning more about their favorite movies, Club Cinema is the club to join. Club Cinema will change the way you see movies. In the wise words of Rafiki of the Lion King, this club ill encourage you to: “Look beyond what you see.”

Operating as usual


Auditions for club cinema's newest prduction start next week monday trough wednesday. sign up at mrs. Chappell's door tomorrow (room 234), leave a comment down below, or email us at [email protected] for more info. Tryout, it will be fun. And pretty much everybody is guaranteed a role.


Hey guys, don't forget that club cinema is meeting tomorrow in room 234 at lunch. We're going to start getting into some movie talk and giving more info about our own club production. make sure you're there.
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Welcome Cinemites, First meeting of the new year this monday (aka tomorrow) show up so we can kick off this new year right. Be ready to jump right into our production plans and invite your friends to come join us in room 234. See you all tomorrow

Hey guys. here is the application form for next years officers and crew member. make sure to look at all you options and...
Club Cinema Officer/Crew Applications

Hey guys. here is the application form for next years officers and crew member. make sure to look at all you options and apply for the position that best suits you. We can't wait to start working with you guys.

Club Cinema Productions: Immerse Yourself in Film Club Cinema: Officer Application Form Club Cinema is an interactive student body at Chino Hills High. We strive to inspire a deeper understanding of film and the movie industry. Our goal is to be the greatest outlet for student entertainment on...


We hope you are all ready for Club Cinema's first meeting of the year TODAY October 7th in room 234. We can't wait to see you all there.


Fun Fact: The Breakfast Club 2014, premiering in an hour, features 3 of Chino Hills High's finest teachers.

Waiting...waiting...waiting...two hours left. Gosh, why won't it be 6 pm already?

Waiting...waiting...waiting...two hours left. Gosh, why won't it be 6 pm already?

3 hours to go. Let's do this.

3 hours to go. Let's do this.


For members of Club Cinema who were involved with the Breakfast Club 2014 production, the dress code for tomorrow's premiere is Hollywood formal. So all out fancy. Have fun with that.

Are you PUMPED for the premiere tomorrow night?! YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!!

Are you PUMPED for the premiere tomorrow night?! YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!!

Hey. You. We'll see you on Friday at 6 pm in the CHHS theater.

Hey. You. We'll see you on Friday at 6 pm in the CHHS theater.

Our boy Willy isn't too happy...

Our boy Willy isn't too happy...

...waiting in anticipation.

...waiting in anticipation.


Fun fact: The run-time of the Breakfast Club 2014 is 1 hour and 37 minutes.
The run-time of the original Breakfast Club is 1 hour and 37 minutes. That's how we roll.


Club cinema would like to wish Johnathan Azar a very happy birthday.

The Hunger Games

Also glorious

The Mockingjay lives! Watch the EXCLUSIVE #OurLeaderTheMockingjay Teaser Trailer now! The Hunger Games: #Mockingjay Part 1, in theaters November 21, 2014.

The Hobbit


It's finally here. Watch the exclusive new teaser trailer for #TheHobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!


All of you are gorgeous.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely pleased to announce that it's a WRAP! We have finished filming for the Breakfast Club 2014. We would like to thank all who were a part of it. This grand project could not have been completed without your contribution.
~Club Cinema


Hi ya'll! We'll be finishing the Breakfast Club 2014 filming in the library tomorrow at the dreaded place we call "school." We will begin at 10 am in the library. All are welcome to come and help. Oh come on. You'll be at home doing nothing. You have nothing better to do.


Join us tomorrow at 1 to help us to conclude filming!


We will be filming the rest of the Breakfast Club 2014 on Friday at 1 o clock in the library. Come to assist us to conclude this exciting production. :D


The body of Club Cinema would like to thank each and every member for being a part of this year's journey. We have enjoyed each and every moment of our time together. We truly do wish you all the best, in your studies, in your summer, and in your self-growth. Keep watching movies! We'll see you next year!

~Club Cinema


Tomorrow, we will be having the final meeting of the year. We will be bringing pizza. We would greatly appreciate it if each group could contribute some other item, whether it be cookies or chips or paper plates etc. Please comment below if you will be bringing something. Thank you all so much. Have a fantastic Memorial Day. God bless.


Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is a big day! We will be watching INCEPTION in the CHHS Theater after school tomorrow. Come and bring as many friends as you'd like. We have the whole theater to ourselves! This will be the closest you will be able to get to replicating the experience from watching Inception when it first came out in 2009. Whether you've seen it or not, come and enjoy this fantastic film with us. When the credits roll, we will be presenting an analysis of the film, detailing facts and theories regarding Inception. We look forward to seeing you all!


Hello boys and girls. Journey to Club Cinema tomorrow. We will be having a meeting. :)


We'd like to wish Naedum DomNwachukwu a very happy birthday.


We had a FANTASTIC shoot today with Mr. Jensen, Mr. McIntosh, and the whole cast. Thanks to the cast and crew for staying late and helping to finish the grand lunch scene. We will be filming the rest of the movie tomorrow at school in the library beginning at 8 am. We invite all crew members to come and assist! :D Thanks again for all of your help.


Tomorrow, we have a HUGE shoot. After school, we will be filming with Mr. Jensen and Mr. McIntosh. We will also be tackling the iconic lunch scene. We will need all of the hands that we can get. Be at the library at 2:30 to help us out!

~Johnathan, your president, who felt the need to place some title after his name to increase his feeling of superiority. Now he's speaking in third person. Dang it.


Filming with the fetal pig went as fantastic as filming with a fetal pig could have went. Success.


Ladies and gentlemen, we will be filming tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd, at the school library, beginning at 2:30. We invite everybody to come and assist with the production. We hope that you can make it! :)


16150 Pomona Rincon Rd
Chino Hills, CA


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