The Annual Gary Ford-Dolphin Drive Turkey Bowl Ice Classic

The Annual Gary Ford-Dolphin Drive Turkey Bowl Ice Classic A Time-Honored Thanksgiving Day Tradition

Born as a simple idea, the Gary-Ford Dolphin Drive Classic started with a charismatic hockey family residing at S3415 Dolphin Drive in the quiet neighborhood of Bethford, NY. It wasn't until a tennis star and two volleyball-playing phenoms from S3419 and S3424 burst onto the scene and took these daily street hockey sessions by storm. From the "Sponge Pads" to "The Connection," Dolphin Drive has a time-honored tradition and a rich history of street hockey glory. Dedicated to the memory of the late Gary Ford, this annual classic will from year-to-year, put on a display of old-school, back-alley street hockey the likes of which no one has ever experienced.


Make up date: December 24 @10:00 am. This years,addition will be called: TGFDDCHIBHSFLLC. The Gary Ford Dolphin Drive Christmas Ham Ice Bowl Holiday Shootout Fa La La Classic. Genny Cream Ale and Egg Nog mixers. Robert Filighera, please read Farmers Almanac now and let us know now if u will be playing so we can make arrangements for goalie gear now.


Due to a scheduling snafu with the circus being in town, the Annual Gary Ford Turkey Classic has been rescheduled for Christmas Eve morning at 10:00 a.m. That'll give teams time to make waiver wire claims. Out!! - Schulz


Breaking news Chad Campbell injured with hurt vagina !!! Listed as out Todd blown knee listed as Questionable... Looks like Brent ford will be between the pipes in his goaltending debut !!!


I wonder who'll win the "Brothers McMullen Family Dissension Award" this year. My money is on Bob and Brent. - Schulz


Correction...Puckdrop: 10:00 a.m.


Puck drop: 7:00 a.m. Forecast: High of 25 degrees and snow...history will be made.


Rosters ??? Time ??? Second regulation net !??? 3 days


Well folks, each year we look for a moment to give us the spark that marks the start of training camp for the AGFDDTBIC. Many thanks to Robert Filighera and Brent Ford for providing us with this year's "moment." Best of luck to all "athletes" as we begin preparation. - Schulz


My apologies, it's the "Pete Pete Peters Mylec Spongepads Award." My apologies to the committee.


Turkey Classic Fact of the Day: There has never been a penalty shot in the history of the event. History will be made...


It looks like new rule enforced this year... First one to lucic one the Campbell brothers earns penalty shot !!!


4 weeks away !!!


Just under two months to go !!!!!


One more day of rest before OTA's get under way. Everyone enjoy your last night out.


OTA's begin April 1.


Today is the first real snowfall in Buffalo. This would have been the perfect conditions for The Classic.


Planning for 2012 game, do we request the services of Doug Allen or Sabretooth?


Next Game: 363 days away. Training Camp opens in 362 days.


Turkey Classic Awards - Randall Filighera - 1st ever goal in event history. Greg Schulz - 1st ever natural hat-trick in event history and most blocked shots. Brent Ford - highlight reel tip goal. Todd Campbell - 1st winning goalie in event history. Bob Filighera - the "Christian Ehrhoff Award" recipient. "Weakest Goal Allowed" Award - Chad Campbell. "Player Who Hates His Team Most" Award - Bob Filighera. The Sunshine State Award - Patrick Nealon. Lee Dungarees Award - Ron Filighera.


Ron's Autimotive-12, Bob's Diner-10.


It was born a simple idea mere months ago, but has blossomed in no time into a Thanksgiving holiday tradition the likes of none other. Here we are on the day of days, Arrival Day for the 1st Annual Gary Ford-Dolphin Drive Turkey Bowl Ice Classic! Happy Gary Ford-Dolphin Drive Turkey Bowl Ice Classic Day, everyone!


GameDay !


almost game day looking at 11:30 start should be a beautiful day high 40's and sunshine show up early... bring some beer


Doug Allen to sing the Anthem, or perhaps it's a recording of him doing the Anthem on my iPod. Either way, solid pull!


only 10 days away !!!!


Michael "Skullo" Sullivan confirmed as the play-by-play announcer for the 1st Annual Gary Ford Turkey Classic. Greg Schulz's Safety Committee megaphone will get much use on the 24th.


NBC is close on the TV contract to televise the event.


Dolphin Drive
Blasdell, NY


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