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Operating as usual


I am sure you were all alarmed by the Government's announcement yesterday. I can assure you this does not affect the Youth Theatre and we carry on as outlined in the letter I sent you in August. At all times we have been following the advice given by the National Youth Agency, the government body with responsibility for voluntary groups working with young people. Following the PM's announcement they announced the following:-

** Despite the recent change to social gathering restrictions (9th September 2020), we can confirm that as an essential service, youth sector activity can continue unchanged where COVID secure to NYA guidance standards **

I will be handing out a letter on Sunday giving more detail. I hope this re-assures you and I look forward to seeing all members on Sunday. The forecast is good so we will be outside for the whole rehearsal.


I am pleased to say that following our first successful 'covid safe' rehearsal we are accepting new members from this Sunday. If you are between 9 to 19 and would like to take part in the Olivier award winning production of 'Honk!' please come along to a 'free' taster rehearsal either this Sunday or the following Sunday at our rehearsal base at The Trinity Community Centre at Thorpe Hesley at 12.00 p.m. Our production will take place outdoors in May 2021, before public exams start.
If you are frustrated by the lack of opportunities at school to get involved in performances then join one of the most innovative and creative Youth Theatres in the area.
Membership of the Youth Theatre is £20.00 a year and subs are payable at £3.00 at each rehearsal. Please message us if you want any further information or need to chat about our Covid secure measures.


Really good to see everyone at rehearsal today. It took a bit of getting used to rehearsing in a 'safe' manner, but it was pleasant rehearsing outside. You all did well considering we have to re-think all the work we have done so far. Remember to try and recruit new members. See you all next week and don't forget an umbrella or a coat if we have a shower. The forecast at present is really good for next Sunday.


It has been some time since we posted on this page. I hope you and your families are keeping well. We are missing you all and the challenges and joy of rehearsals I'm sure, leave a big gap in your lives, not to mention the opportunity to meet up with all your friends.
Rehearsals were going to start again this week but obviously we cannot meet up. So I would like to give some sense of how we might progress in the months to come.
If we are able to start rehearsals in September we will do so on Sunday September 6th. This will be with full social distancing following the government regulations in place at the time. As soon as the regulations regarding theatre performances are relaxed we will look into the best venue to stage 'Honk'. If the regulations are not relaxed until 2021 we may look into the possibility of an outdoor performance, regulations permitting.
We are still determined to get the show on as soon as we can with the current cast. I hope you are all able to stay with us and carry on staging great shows. Take care and stay safe.

Could you please respond to this post so I can keep track who has received it? Thank you.


Well we come to the end of just over two weeks posting clips of nearly all the shows we have performed. Today is 'Echoes' at Montgomery Hall. The only shows we don't have video records of are 'Echoes' in 2007 and 'Honk' performed at Wentworth Mechanics' Institute. If anybody has video footage of these shows it would be great if you could send it to us. It's been great looking back on all the fantastic young people we have worked with and celebrating our current members successes. If you want to see more clips from our shows we are hoping to do something on You Tube which will allow you to see more of the shows. Stay safe and let's hope we can get back to rehearsals soon.


We're nearly at the end of our journey through our shows. Today takes us back to Wentworth Mechanics' Institute in 2009 for our first production of Ellie. I hope it brings back some good memories.


We come back to the recent past today with our production of 'PYN-0-KY-0'. A modern re-working of the classic tale of Pinnochio, instead of a puppet we have Droids. Fox and Cat were computer hackers and the whole project was very futuristic and creative. The singing from such a young cast was superb, particularly in the opening number. We only have rehearsal footage but hopefully we will be able to share show footage in our next visit to this show.


Today takes us back to 2008 and the first time we performed 'Honk'. I hope you will all look forward to supporting this show when we eventually get to perform it again. Current members of the cast can use this video to rehearse the dance moves for both of the songs featured. It would be great if you have learnt the moves for the first rehearsals back. The lad who played 'Drake' can be seen in the Netflix production of 'The English Game'. Good drama and it even has some football to watch!


Today we celebrate last year's production of 'Dancenet'. For this show we decided to try and make the music more live by creating backing tracks and having the cast sing. It was quite a challenge but worth the effort. The cast, who were a lot younger than our original production were brilliant as they had to not only learn dance moves but also sing along as well. Dave enjoyed playing with our new lighting system as well!


Today takes us back to a dramatic evening at Thorpe Hesley. Not only the fantastic performance of 'The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge' in Holy Trinity Church but also the snowstorm afterwards which led to long journeys home and a couple of rescues!

Honk rehearsals 2020

Apologies if you have already looked at this post and responded. The original post did not include all the video, so I have re-posted it and hopefully this will include both opening songs. Please like or comment as before, we value your feedback.
Today we come right up to date with a rehearsal video of our current show. Honk is a show we have performed 3 times but we keep coming back to it as we all love it and only two members of this cast have appeared in it before. I hope current members might use it to keep practising the opening in 'lockdown'. The production was scheduled for November, but that is very much in doubt now. Rehearsals though will re-start as soon as we can. Miss seeing you all!


Today we go right back to the beginning of the Youth Theatre. This is our first production of 'The Servant of Two Mafias' at The Dearne Playhouse. A great cast and very different to the show we performed in 2013 at Montgomery Hall. Don't worry David Kerry we'll be seeing plenty of you in a clip later on!


Here is the edited clip which should have been on the page yesterday of our Remembrance Day performance of 'The Same Seed Under the Same Sun' back in 2018 at the historic Wentworth Woodhouse. Thanks to those who 'liked' the video. More video to come later today.


Today's clips are from 'Daisy Pulls It Off'. This was performed at Wombwell back in 2013. A straight play with a bit of music, it was loads of fun! Ian and I are currently trying to adapt this show into a musical and if we get permissions we look forward to staging it in the near future.


Today we offer 'Ellie' performed at Thorpe Hesley. Some great voices and a show that is loads of fun to perform. Clips of the Wombwell and Wentworth performances will follow. Have a 'safe' weekend.


Here we go again delving into the past. This first production of Dance.net had a much older cast than our show last year. Clips of last year's show will be posted in the future. Enjoy and see if you can remember the dances whilst stuck in your sitting room!


Today we are looking back to our tenth anniversary production of 'Echoes' in 2017. We will continue to alternate a recent show with one from the earlier years of the Youth Theatre. Please 'like' our page and spread the news about the Youth Theatre. We aren't sure when we will come out of this situation, when we do, we want to get the cast of 'Honk' back together and put on a show that will really lift all our members and their families and friends. There are always opportunities for new members to join so please ask people you know, who might be interested, to get in touch.


Today's offering is from the first production of 'The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge' at The Mechanics' Institute in Wentworth. Hope we all feel 'lucky' to be safe and don't forget to 'ring a bell tomorrow night for the NHS and all key workers tomorrow night.


Today's offering is from our Christmas production of 'Cinderella'. The show that had three false starts, due to a dodgy CD. Our first video in our 'lockdown' series was of this show in rehearsal so here it is in production.
I'm going to try and post a recent show and then an older one, hopefully going back to 2008.

The Servant of Two Mafias - 'The Pizza Scene'

Today's offering is a bit further back in time when we performed the show at Montgomery Hall. Should cheer everyone up! Please let past members we are 'sharing' memories in these difficult times, I hope they visit our page. If you have any requests for specific songs from our shows please let me know and I'll try and root them out. Stay safe.

Cinders and Ashes

Looking back to happier times to put a smile on your face. I will be posting quite a few moments from many of our shows through the years. Hope we all get through this and meet up soon to carry on with our rehearsals of 'Honk'.


It is with some regret that we have decided to cancel rehearsals until after Easter due to the Coronavirus. We have taken the following into account in making this decision. Our members come from different schools which makes them effective spreaders, particularly as we can't keep our distance from each other in rehearsals. The Community Centre is a multi-user venue and you are more likely to pick the virus up as a consequence. I know many of you will be disappointed as the rehearsals were going really well and the show was taking shape, but we have to consider how we would feel if any vulnerable relations or contacts were to get the disease and suffered severe illness. I hope all parents understand this decision and I would be grateful if you could respond to this message by tomorrow evening so that I know you have received it. I will inform everyone when we feel it appropriate to start rehearsals again. Please continue to learn lines and practise the songs and hopefully we will all meet up again soon.


Really well done to everybody for hitting today's rehearsal target. The final run through was nearly good enough to be put on stage for an audience. We are really coming together as a group and starting to engage with the story and react on stage. Think about what you have learnt and what you need to focus on when you step on stage. You need to be off book next week to run through today's work.
We may be cancelling the rehearsal on the 29th March as a number of members aren't available. We will make a decision and let you know on Sunday.


Super rehearsal today. The singing was great and you pulled everything together and you are growing in confidence. It looked really good as we did our video record. Next week we need to be off book all the way up to P54 and put the whole of the opening together.


Hope everybody is looking forward to this Sunday's rehearsal. We did well last week but with the return of our 'poorly' members we should see the opening really come together. Please try and learn the songs, it is important that you are free to add movements and dance steps to the songs. See you all Sunday.

Trinity Community Centre - Thorpe Hesley

Trinity Community Centre - Thorpe Hesley

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the panto at TCC over the weekend. Your support has helped raise £924 for the centre and will help maintain this gem of a venue for our community.


A good rehearsal today tackling one of the hardest songs in the show. We are nearly there with it. Hopefully our poorly members will be back next week and we will get it cracked next week. Remember to learn your lines and the songs, I would really like to do a run through of everything done so far next week.


I hope you have all had a good week off and looking forward to getting back to rehearsals of 'Honk'. we have lots to do this Sunday due to our missed rehearsal. I have CD's ready to give you all to take home to help you practise the songs. Try to learn the words for 'Look at Him' as we will be concentrating on this number. See you all on Sunday.


Thanks to everyone who got back to me. Unfortunately a number of members aren't available this Sunday so there will not be a rehearsal. We meet again a week on Sunday. Have a nice break.


I am so sorry for the 'very late' cancellation of today's rehearsal. I felt that the wind was not a major issue but when I saw the state of the roads as the rain came down I became worried that we might have the same scenario as before Christmas with the floods. I made a call based on it raining for the next three hours.
Thank you all for getting to the rehearsal and your understanding of the situation.
We weren't going to have a rehearsal next week because of half term, but if everyone is available could you please let me know and we will make up for this missed rehearsal (weather permitting!)
If you could let me know via this page by Wednesday please so I can confirm the booking with Trinity Centre.
Once again thanks for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience caused.


A great start to the rehearsals of 'Honk!' You all worked so hard and stuck at it. The result was a highly entertaining opening number that will only improve as you gain in confidence, build up your singing skills and start to add your own little bits to your performance. We could still do with a couple of additional cast members so ask your friends if they would like to come along. Next week we will focus on 'Look at Him' so try to learn the words and we'll see you all on Sunday.


I hope all the cast are looking forward to our first 'proper' rehearsal for 'Honk'. It would be helpful if everyone could learn the words for the first song. You will be asked to sing and dance on Sunday and it's going to be awkward if you have a book in your hand. See you all Sunday.


A great first rehearsal. An excellent read through. We have some really strong leads and a potentially superb chorus. Such a young and talented cast. Can't wait to start putting the show on its feet next week. Enjoyed the games (even though some people were a little confused and over eager with their 'tigging''. See you all next week and don't forget your Arts Award folders.


Hope everybody is available for our first rehearsal this weekend. We will be reading through the whole play and casting the final parts. We will also break up the rehearsal with a few games. This should give us all a chance to listen to all the songs, get a feel for the play and get to know new members a bit better. See you all on Sunday.


Well done to everyone who came to the auditions today. We nearly have our cast completed. It is a young but very talented cast and we can't wait to get started on rehearsals. We still have opportunities for boys and girls aged 9 -13. Please come along to the rehearsals next week as we finalise our casting.


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Well done to everyone involved in your performance of Echoes, watched it tonight for the second time and thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by all of you
Well done everybody you've reduced me to tears two days running. Brilliant show.